[2023 September Security Monthly Express] Why choose the SCR 50AXE for network protection?

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Why choose the SCR 50AXE for network protection?

Looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, secure, and up-to-date security solution? The Zyxel SCR 50AXE is the perfect choice for you. Unlike most security gateways, the SCR 50AXE has WiFi built-in, so you can enjoy the benefits of the latest WiFi 6E with 6 GHz network. It also has Ransomware Protection, which is easy to setup and use. You can be sure that your network is safe and secure, all while connected with the latest WiFi technology.

How does the SCR 50AXE protect you from cyberthreats?

SCR 50AXE uses DNS Threat Filter and IP Reputation technologies to block malicious or risky domains and IP addresses. These technologies are based on reliable databases and real-time analysis of the internet. For example, if a domain/IP is involved in phishing, malware, or crypto mining activities, the SCR 50AXE will stop you from accessing it and prevent any IP-based attacks, resulting a safer and more productive online experience without compromising your network performance or privacy.

How does SCR 50AXE stay updated with threat intelligence?

SCR 50AXE acquires its current threat intelligence from Zyxel Security Cloud. This cloud-based platform employs AI and machine learning to pinpoint domains and IPs by sifting through an extensive event database. This threat intelligence database receives updates every two days, encompassing events from the past five days while removing outdated information. This updated database is then distributed to every SCR device, adding an extra layer of protection.

With its subscription-free security approach, manual configurations or adjustments are unnecessary. Following the app's guidance ensures a seamless installation process. The SCR 50AXE also comes pre-equipped with threat protection types that users are most concerned about, such as ransomware, malware, intrusion attacks, dark web monitoring, and mail fraud/phishing. Each of these can be toggled individually to best suit your needs. Experience the ease of zero-touch security within minutes with SCR 50AXE.

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For those seeking enhanced security, SCR 50AXE comes with an upgrade option, SCR Pro Pack, that empowers users with more robust protection, featuring real-time threat intelligence powered by Trellix. This advanced technology swiftly identifies threats using security cloud capabilities, expediting responses to prevent ransomware attacks.

How can you easily keep an eye on your security status?

The Nebula dashboard for SCR 50AXE enables you to seamlessly monitor your security situation. It offers a quick snapshot of the timing and locations of attacks, the attack types, and the targets within your network. This provides you with deep insight and highlighted areas requiring immediate attention.

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SCR 50AXE comes with a robust and stringent list designed to assist in preventing unintentional access to potentially harmful websites. As a result, there might be instances where certain websites you previously visited are no longer accessible. However, there's no need for concern. You have the option to establish a personalized whitelist through the Nebula Control Center. This enables you to ensure access to specific websites or domains that you trust. Follow the steps below to create your custom exception or allowed list:

Navigate to Configure > Security router > Threat management > Exception list & Custom allowed/blocked domain

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SCR 50AXE offers an intelligent and straightforward solution to safeguard your network against malware and ransomware, all while providing WiFi 6E connectivity. Designed with the needs of small businesses and DIY users in mind, it delivers a seamless and budget-friendly option that ensures both network speed and privacy remain unaffected. Discover the capabilities of SCR 50AXE by visiting our website. Don't let malware and ransomware compromise your network. Elevate your network security and business prospect with SCR 50AXE.