Revolutionizing Network Infrastructure: Dudhsagar Dairy's Journey Towards Scalability and ...

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Dudhsagar Dairy

Revolutionizing Network Infrastructure: Dudhsagar Dairy's Journey Towards Scalability and Performance Enhancement



In response to the growing demands of its expanding corporate network, Dudhsagar Dairy decided to upgrade its existing network infrastructure. It sought to enhance network efficiency, boost data transfer speeds, and improve security while ensuring scalability for future growth. Before commencing the installation, the IT team conducted a comprehensive network assessment to determine the organization's specific requirements. The GS1900-10HP and XGS1930-28HP were installed to provide high-power PoE+ capabilities for powering up the IP cameras.Acting as the backbone switch, the XGS1930-28HP is integrated into the core layer, featuring 4 additional 10G SFP+ ports to accommodate both high-speed and standard connections. The GS1900-10HP user-friendly web interface and intuitive management feature allowed for quick configuration and integration into the network. For heightened performance, XGS4600-32F was chosen for its high-performance capabilities and was positioned at the organization's campus.Its high port density, advanced Layer 3 features, and redundant power supply ensured seamless network operation. Lastly, the SFP-LX-15DS modules utilized single-mode fiber optic links to ensure seamless connectivity. The installation marked a milestone in the Dudhsagar Dairy network upgrade journey. The project laid the foundation for future scalability, improved network performance, and enhanced security, empowering the company to adapt to the evolving technological landscape and business demands.


  • Ensure seamless integration of new equipment with older hardware to enhance network performance for future growth
  • Require meticulous planning and careful consideration when setting up VLANs and routing protocols


  • Substantial network performance improvements were witnessed by the organization
  • Using port-based access control and VLANs enhances network security
  • The energy-efficient and streamlined network infrastructure was achieved

Products used

GS1900-10HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

XGS4600-32F L3 Aggregation Fiber Switch

XGS1930-28HP Lite-L3 Smart Managed PoE Switch P

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