How to use iPhone import Provisioning script file to establish IPsec VPN connection?

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Scenario :

The USG Flex H series models allow users to download a VPN provisioning script file onto their iPhone and establish an IPsec VPN connection with the USG Flex H. This article will provide guidance on how to utilize this feature.

Answer :

Test condition :

(1). The USG Flex 500 H with 1.10b8s1 firmware and the VPN phase1/phase2 Encryption/Authentication proposal set is AES128/SHA256.

(2). The iPhone14 with iOS16.6.

STEP1. Navigate to VPN > IPsec VPN > Remote Access VPN, download the iOS/macOS VPN provisioning script file, and send it to your iCloud e-mail address.

STEP2. Open the Mail app and download the VPN provisioning script file from iCloud e-mail and install it on the iPhone.

STEP3. Successfully establish an IPsec VPN connection to the USG Flex 500H from the iPhone.

STEP4. Navigate to Log & Report Log/Event to check the log.