Current Version of SecuExtender for Mac not supported on MacOS 14 Sonoma.


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  • It seems that Support is not online for a while, would be better to tag other people like @Zyxel_Adam or @Zyxel_Andrew

  • Thanks @Zyxel_Andrew for the update. In my case for those that have upgraded I've provided the L2TP workaround and for those that haven't I told them to wait until we let them know an updated package is available and tested.

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    Three-day weekends?! Are you guys hiring? I've completed "Hello World" projects in 3 different programming languages. I'm probably overqualified tbh.

    Joking aside, thanks for the update and have a good weekend!

  • @Yukimin_A her is the topic

  • @Zyxel_Andrew any update on timing for the release? we're currently unable to work for a simple task

  • Hi all,

    hope for a quick solution.

  • Hello,

    Do we have any news regarding the update for the Current Version of SecuExtender for Mac which is not supported on MacOS 14 Sonoma ?

    Reaaaly need it for work…

    Thank you.

  • still no new version... is there an approximate time frame when the new version can be expected?

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