Delivering High-Performance WiFi Services in the Challenging North Sea Climate

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Seepark Burhave


“After a decade of successful operation in the challenging North Sea climate, following the initial installation with Zyxel access points, it became evident that using the latest generation of devices from the same manufacturer was the optimal choice for our network infrastructure upgrade. Centralized management through the Nebula platform has streamlined both network installation and maintenance. The village owner and guests are highly satisfied because the WiFi functions seamlessly even during rainy weather, and when more than 500 guests are using it simultaneously.”

Patrick Böhm
Sales Consultant & Marketing Manager
Europhone Service


Seepark Burhave, the holiday village, features approximately 110 premium holiday homes, each boasting a private terrace and garden. These homes are ideally situated right by the North Sea dike, just a mere 200 meters from Grünstrand and Watt. As one of the guest-attracting amenities, complimentary WiFi is available throughout the entire complex. The site encompasses extensive outdoor areas, making it crucial to establish remote network management capabilities from the fiber optic WAN hub. The holiday village adopted 24 Zyxel outdoor access points a decade ago, mounting them on poles and house walls to offer seamless WiFi outdoors and in multi-story holiday homes. After 10 years of almost trouble-free operation in the harsh North Sea climate, the long-standing outdoor access points were upgraded to the new WiFi 6 standard in the spring, using Zyxel’s WAX655E WiFi 6 outdoor access points and robust ANT2105 antennas. The Nebula cloud networking management solution was used to centrally control and monitor network devices, ensuring stable and high-performance operations. Its proven topology has consistently delivered reliable performance over the years, contributing to a cost-effective solution for the holiday village.


  • Ensure network devices can withstand extreme weather conditions in the harsh North Sea climate
  • Require efficient and reliable network control and monitoring over vast areas
  • Provide seamless WiFi coverage both outdoors and within multi-story holiday homes to ensure consistent connectivity


  • Enhanced guest experience with uninterrupted connectivity in both outdoor areas and multi-story holiday homes, enabling guests to stay connected from anywhere
  • Cost-effective cloud network management that reduces maintenance and operational costs

Products used

WAX655E WiFi 6 Outdoor Access Point

ANT2105 Omni-Directional Outdoor Antenna

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