[Release Note] Hybrid Switch GS1920v2 Series - Phase 5 new patch firmware has been released!

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Zyxel Hybrid Switch GS1920v2 Series 

Release Note

November, 2018

Firmware Version on all models 
Zyxel GS1920-48HPv2 - V4.50(ABMK.3) | 11/02/2018
Zyxel GS1920-48v2      - V4.50(ABMJ.3) | 11/02/2018
Zyxel GS1920-24HPv2 - V4.50(ABMI.3)  | 11/02/2018
Zyxel GS1920-24v2      - V4.50(ABMH.3) | 11/02/2018
Zyxel GS1920-8HPv2   - V4.50(ABMZ.3) | 11/02/2018

Bug Fix 
GS1920 loses connection with NCC after it is removed from site.

GS1920 firmware cannot be loaded up to GS1920v2 devices and vice versa.
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