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I have both of the above switches, really good bits of kit - they do everything I need them to do. The only nagging issue is the lack of ability to label the ports, whilst it doesn't stop things working and isn't a game stopper in any way, it makes it a pain trying to admin.

Some of the most basic switches I've worked with, not even GbE ones (D-link etc) offer the ability to label the ports - so please could this seriously be considered as a Firmware enhancement?


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    Hi @crucialguy,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate your positive remarks about our XGS1210 and XGS1250 switches. We understand the importance of this feature for easier administration. Your suggestion regarding port labeling has been added to our feature request list for further evaluation.

    If anyone likes this idea, please feel free to vote and leave a comment.

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