XGS1210-12 - Enable 10Mbps link speed on the 2.5GbE port 9/10


Can we get a firmware update to enable a 10Mbps link speed on the 2.5Gbps ports 9 & 10 on the XGS1210-12?


An Intel NIC refuses to negoiate above 10Mbps when the computer is turned off (S5) because Intel have refused to do it (WOL issue with I225-V (3)). This means no link can be established while the machine powered off, preventing WoL.

Use case:

I am using the 2.5GbE port between the switch and my computer, and would really like to continue using this port AND maintain the ability to Wake on Lan, which Intel have forced at 10Mbps, but unfortunately I am unable to establish a link in this scenario, the switch shows 'Down'.


I have tested on one of the 1GbE ports with the same setup and configuration, and WoL works fine and I can see the link listed as '10M-Full', but this is not a solution that would allow the normal use of the 2.5GbE ports.

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  • Zyxel_Kay
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    Hi @acave

    Thank you for bringing up this concern. Currently, the XGS1210-12 doesn't support enabling the 10Mbps link speed on the 2.5Gbps ports. We appreciate your detailed explanation of the issue you're facing.

    Your feedback is valuable, we will raise this as a feature request with our development team for evaluation.

    If anyone likes this idea, please feel free to leave a comment or click vote. The votes and comments will be part of our evaluation process.


  • BarbaGrump

    I have this issue to. I really would like to use WoL on the 2.5GbE ports(and possible even for my SFP+ running a 2.5GbE connection). My use case is a backup node for my proxmox-cluster that I wake trough script.