USG FLEX 50 (USG20-VPN) looses connection to the internet


my USG FLEX 50 disconnects from the internet at least twice a day. Only after a reboot, the connection works again for some hours, until it looses the conncetion again. I have installed the latest firmeware (5.37(ABAQ.0)), but no difference.

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    Hi @Helmut,

    Is your USG FLEX 50 on premises mode or nebula mode?
    If it it on premises mode, please send the web GUI access of the device to me in private message.
    If it is nebula mode, turn on support request and give me the org and site name in private message.

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    it looks like that I have also the same problem, it seems that for 2-5 mins there is no Internet and then it works again without reboot in the most cases.

    The network should be fine as I had no problems with the Cisco ASA 5505 before.

    It is on premises mode!

    Perhaps there any findings?

    The Firmware is the newest from you Site!



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