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Create a-record for ZW in local DNS server.
After upgraid to beta FW V4.31(AAPK.1)ITS-WK43-r86075, accessing to ZW web-gui by a-record around 3-5 minute on every new tab.
By ip all normal.
Test in 3 browsers (ie, opera, chrome), cache cleaned. Not helpfull.

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    Hi @alexey,


    Here is the configuration on USG1100 and test result for your reference.

    USG1100’s firmware: 4.31(AAPK.1)ITS-WK43-r86075

    Local DNS server:

    Create a record on DNS server -> usg1100.test.com

    PC's IP:

    PC's DNS:


    Internet------(ge1)USG1100(ge3: DNS server (

                                                                             ------PC (


    PC access USG1100's GUI by https://usg1100.test.com  normally without delay.

    On USG1100, you can try to add domain zone forwarder with the local DNS server.

    If it still doesn’t work, please share your topology and configuration with us to find out the root cause.

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