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Is it possible to use the AP Controller feature from USG40 with Unifi APs?


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    USG can control Zyxel Unified APs.

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    I suppose @StephanHollaus is talking about Ubiquiti Unifi AP controlled by USG40.
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    I have not found this to work (my setup) as you had asked (ZYXEL USG60W & Ubiquiti Switch 8 POE-150, 3x AP-AC-Pro, UniFi CloudKey).


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    Hi @StephanHollaus,


    Are you asking if it is possible to use the AP Controller feature from USG40 with UniFi AP?

    Controller on USG can only manage ZyXEL AP which are on the compatible AP list as @Ian31 posted.

    If you connect non-Zyxel AP to USG, it work as standalone AP only and cannot be managed by the controller.

    Hi @Alfonso,


    Thanks for the clarification!

  • NoE
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    I have faced similar challenge.
    I have USG FLEX 700 and inside our company we have acquired Unify controller and some Ubiquity APs and switches.
    I set interface ge6 for Unify switch (to which Unify Controller is plugged together with APs)
    as follows:
    Zone WiFi_LAN, DHCP, 192.168.7.x
    All the Ubiquity items got IPs from DHCP on USG interface ge6.
    However, when setting up WiFi network on Ubiquity environment, it was not possible to set it like acting as DHCP relay (or at least I was not able to set it up). 
    When setting up Ubiquity WiFi network as DHCP (e.g. 192.168.10.x), this did not worked either ....  any client of Ubiquity WiFi network got IP from range 192.168.10.x which was then running via 192.168.7.x IP of a Ubiquity AP.....
    So I have let the setup of DHCP (192.168.10.x) on Ubiquity environment for the WiFi network
    And finally I have setup ge7 on USG as WiFi_LAN interface with same DHCP network 192.168.10.x . - sort of a pool of IP addresses from WiFi network so USG would know them and not going crazy :-)
    ge7 is just defined with it, no cable in :-)
    But as such the USG knows the packets from Unify Wifi network and users can reach the internet :-)

  • Fred_77
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    Hi all
    Just thinking ...
    you could have saved the ge7 interface by creating a static route rule: (assuming UniFi Controller is the DHCP server/gw for your clients) , it could be like this:

    Dest:  Sub:   Next-Hop (UniFi Controller IP 192.168.7.XXX)
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    Hello @NoE,
    Here is another proposal, 
    Set up a VLAN interface on GE6 and enables the DHCP server to assign IP 192.168.10.x.
    Please note that the switch and AP should be able to set up the VLAN tag.
    Thank you.


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