[2023 October Security Monthly Express] Exciting News: USG FLEX H Series Has Arrived!

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USG FLEX H Series is Zyxel’s latest security firewall launched in Oct 2023. It provides robust protection with ground-breaking firewall performance for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and unified Threat Management (UTM), also empowered by cutting-edge cloud AI security and multi-layered security features to protect your business network from mounting cyber threats.

Ultra-High Performance

Speed matters when it comes to enhancing your overall business network capacity and performance. It’s where USG FLEX H can chip in and do its best for you. It’s empowered by next-generation multi-core hardware and Fastpath technology to create ultra-high efficiency, enabling you to enjoy security at lightning speed.

Port Flexibility. Multi-G and PoE+

USG FLEX H series provides up to 10 Gbps port options. What’s even nicer is the high speed that comes with software-defined ports, allowing you true flexibility in the configuration and tailoring of each firewall as required (WAN or LAN).

Hassle free network management with Zyxel Nebula cloud

You can deploy and configure network and security devices centrally and enjoy the benefits from managing devices remotely. Reducing operation costs and improving your network management efficiency.

Fast and powerful uOS

USG FLEX H series introduces our latest uOS (Operating System). It is designed to minimize system response time, apply configuration changes instantly, optimize configuration, and security policy management with its new intuitive user-friendly design.

AI-powered cloud cybersecurity

Network security constantly evolves and so do cyber-attacks. USG FLEX H series is designed to block malicious threats and restrict inappropriate user behaviors. It leverages AI-powered cloud intelligence to operate multi-layered protection such as sandboxing, anti-malware, DNS/IP/URL filtering, IPS, and application patrol over your premises.

Don’t miss out!

For more info: https://www.zyxel.com/USGFLEX-500H