My SCR50AXE is auto rebooting, How can I diagnostic?

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SCR 50AXE is security router base-on cloud management, this router is very so many problem. it's auto reboot every times. The longest time I could use it was 2 hrs.

I confirm it's not related about my ISP. because I have another access point. it still normal. (I have connected with DHCP mode.)

I try to fix with myself about 1-2 days because support Thailand is slowly. but I can't do anythings. I would like to use diagnostic logs and sent to support but I can't do that, because this router is down.

How can I do. Please help?

I have bad experience on this router. :(

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  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Dear @PMPINGPC

    Thanks for the feedback.
    We have arranged for our local support team to get in touch with you directly to investigate this issue.

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    Hi Jerry,

    I'll update.

    Yesterday, local support called me to do a remote check, but it couldn't troubleshoot.

    Today, I already sent my devices to Zyxel local support for a check.


    Thank you

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    I'll update. local support already changed new devices to me.

    thank you

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