FW Update 6.65 does not work


I am running a USG FLEX 700 to manage WAX650S and WAX640S-6E Access Points.

A new Firmware is available (6.65). Runtime Firmware and Available Firmware are both 6.65.

The Accecc Points are not able to Update the Firmware. In the AP Firmware List the old FW ist listed (6.60).

Am I doing something wrong? In the past FW Updates worked fine.

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  • Zyxel_Judy
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    Hi there,

    The Access Points are not able to Update the Firmware.

    Could you please provide us with more detailed information about the issue you're experiencing? Specifically, we would like to know:

    • The step-by-step process you followed to downgrade the firmware from version 6.60 to 6.55.
    • The error message you received.
    • A screenshot taken at the time the issue occurred.


  • edvhoerstelde
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    I have just recognize that the FW is not for my AP Models. :-(