Best 10Gb SFP+ transceivers for Zyxel XGS1010-12

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I've got a serious issue with my Zyxel XGS1010-12. It's connected to the Mikrotik CRS317-1G-16S+ switch with a LC multimode optical fiber cable (about 15 meters).
Each laptop or PC connected to the Zyxel has a really slow and unstable connection to the Internet and my local network. If I changed the connection to RJ45 (instead of SFP+ ports), everything works as intended.
I've already tested it on a few optical fiber cables with no positive results.

When I've tested it on Mikrotik transceivers, my internet speed was about 1 Mbps, and a lot of packets were lost. The Cisco transceiver was about 30 Mbps, and the connection was more stable, but still not perfect.
It looks like this switch doesn't like any of my transcievers. Do you know some 10Gb SFP+ transcievers, that work well with this switch?

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    Hello @zendalor

    You may check the datasheet for the XGS1010-12 switch, as provided here, the compatible transceivers are listed on page 5.

    These transceivers are designed to offer the best compatibility and performance when used with a Zyxel switch. Utilizing these recommended transceivers will ensure optimal performance and reliability.

    Using third-party transceivers can potentially lead to decreased network performance and reliability, such as packet loss and connectivity issues, which also cannot be guaranteed by Zyxel. Zyxel may not offer technical support for networking issues that are identified as being caused by IOP with third-party transceivers.

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    I suppose that using Zyxel transceivers is the best way, but there is a one big problem. The original Zyxel 10Gb multimode transceiver costs more than this switch. That why I would like to know if anyone has a positive experience with XGS1010-12 and third-party 10Gb multimode transceivers.