Tips to Optimize Wireless Bridge Connectivity Between Buildings Using Nebula smart mesh

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Wireless bridging is a powerful solution for connecting two buildings, ensuring seamless connectivity between them. In this context, we're addressing an issue where the NWA55AXE access points, when set in bridge mode for a school, have trouble automatically reconnecting after a power outage.

Topology and Scenario:

Gateway --- Switch --- AP1(in bridge mode) ))) wireless bridge ((( AP2(in another side) --- Switch


To address the power outage reconnection issue and improve wireless bridging:

1. Update Firmware: Upgrade to the latest firmware version to fix any known mesh connection issues.

2. Adjust Radio Settings for 5Ghz Preference: Go to Access points > Radio settings. Reduce the 2.4GHz power to encourage connections over 5GHz.

3. Select Preferred Band: Go to Root AP detail page > Smart mesh > Band > select 5GHz or Auto.

4. Manual Channel Selection: Go to Access points > Radio settings. Manually select channels based on site survey results to avoid busy channels, especially around 3AM when DCS change channel takes place.


•Mesh Connection: Monitor the mesh connection stability over time. Expected outcome: No random disconnections.

•Bridge Frequency: Check the frequency on which the bridge operates. Expected outcome: Preferably 5GHz.

•Reconnection After Power Outage: Simulate a power outage and see if the APs reconnect automatically. Expected outcome: Automatic reconnection without manual intervention.


1. Wireless bridge works when only root and repeater supported and enabled smart mesh and wireless bridge.

2. Wireless bridge supported model list can be checked at Site-wide > Configure > Access points > AP & port settings > AP Smart mesh > Model list

3. If the smart mesh builds via 2.4GHz, the AP will trigger rescan every 30 mins to find if 5GHz is available or not to rebuild a connection. Thus, the smart mesh connection will drop every 30 min.