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Good day - we have an issue with our Zyxel FLEX-500 firewall.

We need to send six files via sftp through the FLEX, individual pushes, with zero second pause in between <realtime is key>.

The first five files work, always. The sixth file fails, always. When we push manually, it works. When we set a 15 second-delay between files, it works.

This leads me to believe that the system is detecting some sort of unusual activity. It is important for us, however, to get these files out instantly - 15 seconds delay isn't acceptable.

My question is: Where can I "loosen" the constraints of the files being pushed? I'm not sure where the problem lies, but it is definitely in our config.

Any help is wore than welcomed!



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    I would recommend checking the monitor log when the SFTP transfer is stopped to clarify which security service could be the root cause.
    You may provide the monitor log for me, I would like to check the logs

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