How to configure VLAN for standalone AP LAN Port

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Some AP models have both uplink and LAN ports. These physical Ethernet ports on your AP connect the AP to your network and other devices. The LAN1 port is typically used to connect other devices to your AP, such as a computer, printer, or another network device.

To configure VLAN for the AP LAN port on a standalone AP:

  1. Go to CONFIGURATION > Network > VLAN > LAN Setting.
  2. Configure the following:
    • LAN PVID: The PVID (port VLAN ID) is the default VLAN that traffic on the LAN port is assigned to if it is untagged.
    • Allowed VLANs: A list of VLANs that are allowed on the LAN port.
    • TX tagging: Whether or not to tag traffic transmitted from the LAN port.