How to use a dedicated WAN interface to access a specific IP address by Policy Route?

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Scenario :

If a user has dual WAN settings with TRUNK, when the LAN client tries to access a specific IP address but fails due to not trusting one of the WAN IP addresses from the firewall, how can this be resolved?

For example, the ATP500 has dual WAN (ge2 IP for WAN1 and ge3 IP for WAN2), and the destination IP only allows access from the IP However, ATP500's TRUNK setting would route the outgoing traffic's source IP to WAN2's IP, not WAN1's IP, which would prevent the connection from being established normally.

ATP500's WAN setting :

ATP500's TRUNK setting :

Answer :

Navigate to Configuration > Object > Address > to add an address object for the destination IP

Navigate to Configuration > Network > Routing > to add a policy route to define the lan1 subnet client can access through ge2( WAN1 interface.

The Policy Route has been completed.

Please make sure that the security policy allows LAN1 to access the destination