How should I configure for BPDU flooding? I need this function for my Sonos Network

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Sonos network is recommended that the management switch needs to set BPDU flooding.

This FAQ will guide you to set BPDU flooding on the Zyxel switch. Before setup, please check if your Zyxel switch supports Bridge Control Protocol Transparency.


Assume the Sonos speakers are connected to switch ports 1, 3, and 5.


  1. Navigate to SYSTEM > Switch Setup to turn on "Bridge Control Protocol Transparency."
  2. Navigate to Port > port setup to set BPDU Ctrl “Tunnel” for ports 1, 3, and 5.


  1. Only the following models support Bridge Control Protocol Transparency and BPDU Ctrl function: XGS4600 series, XS3800, XGS2220 series, XS1930 series (with access L3 License), XMG1930 series (with access L3 License)

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