Boosting Surveillance Efficiency Across Multiple Sites with Zyxel Switches

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Adani Wilmar



Adani Wilmar has strategically expanded its collaboration with Zyxel to cover eight distinct sites, including office spaces, and crucial locations for their surveillance infrastructure. This demonstrates Adani Wilmar's dedication to ensuring a dependable and robust network aimed at improving connectivity and surveillance throughout its diverse operations. Adani Wilmar's surveillance infrastructure demands the highest level of efficiency and precision. They discovered the ideal solution to fulfill these needs with Zyxel switches. They chose to deploy Zyxel’s GS1920-24HPv2, GS1900-24HP, and GS1900-10HP switches due to their reputation for robust features, ease of management, and high-performance capabilities. The switches support Power over Ethernet (PoE), enabling the connectivity of surveillance cameras and other PoE-powered devices. The GS1900 and GS1920v2 series switches support link aggregation, enabling Adani Wilmar to combine multiple physical connections into a single logical link, thereby increasing bandwidth and redundancy. They also feature a default PoE consumption mode that delivers only the actual power required by the networked devices, reserving the rest and optimizing its power budget. After the installation, Adani Wilmar was pleased with the new network infrastructure. These switches have proven to be the ideal choice for their needs, offering a perfect balance of high-speed performance and precise control.


  • Build a robust surveillance infrastructure in the face of a dynamic business environment
  • Manage the connectivity and efficiency demands of a complex surveillance system
  • Deliver strong, flexible bandwidth to handle multiple PoE devices


  • Ensure high-performance surveillance infrastructure with robust features and easy management
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support enables seamless connectivity for surveillancecameras and devices, enhancing efficiency
  • Enabling link aggregation results in enhanced bandwidth and redundancy

Products used

GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

GS1900-10HP/24HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

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