New device initialization settings have too few functions

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I bought a new USG FLEX 100. After entering from, there are only three functions to choose from, and there are not many settings in it. I can see from other people that they have five functions, and there are a lot of settings in it. What should I do?

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  • Zyxel_Kevin
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    Hi @doo ,

    Looks like your devce is managerd by Nebula Platform.

    All setting deploy by Nebula so the local WebGUI just remain diagnostic tool or wan link setting.

    Thank you

  • dkyeager
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    There is also a standalone (or on-premise mode) which would have many more functions (reset device if this is what you desire). For Nebula you need to create a nebula account and sign-in. Nebula has an license fee, which is not bad just for a USG Flex or USG Flex Series H router, but can quickly add up if you have several access points and switches that you can manage.

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