gs-1910-24HP Not restarting after firmware update


Looking for some help with as gs-1910-24HP switch.

I have followed the firmware update path and done each one in order, to V2.0 Switch took the firmware, restarted and seemed to be working ok, web gui confirmed V2.0.

Power cycled the switch, top green light flashes, then on, second flashes then on, both green lights on. But none of the port lights light up.

I have tried the hardware reset switch, no change.

Seems odd it was working until power cycled if the firmware was corrupted or similar? Any help to get this up and running agian?

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    Hi @maddiction

    What device do you connect with GS1910-24HP? Did it link up before the switch reboot?
    If yes, could you connect the console cable and reboot it to check if the switch prints any error logs?
    Please check the link status and the configuration to see if the switch boots fine.

    Also, if you want to reset this switch, please follow the steps below to reset, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    1.) Enter "Ctrl+C", while booting.

    2.) Enter "default" to reset to default.
    3.) Enter "reset" to reboot and wait for config re-generation

    4.) You can find the password and configuration have been reset.

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