Enhancing WiFi Performance and User Experiences at Turkish Coworking Space with Zyxel WiFi 6 APs

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Workinton Bayraklı Tower


“We highly appreciate the value-added services provided by InfoCube BİLİSİM and Zyxel Networks throughout our project, from development to project management. We have successfully strengthened our infrastructure and boosted network capacity. Their assistance and patience in renewing our end-to-end network infrastructure were invaluable.”

Gürkan Başar, Manager
Bayraklı Workinton


Workinton, a leading coworking space provider, faced challenges accommodating the growing network demands of an expanding user base. Turning to InfoCube BİLİSİM, they decided to upgrade and strengthen the existing network infrastructure in Bayraklı to address heightened usage needs. The existing infrastructure, established in 2015, could only serve 400 daily users. The decision to enhance WiFi performance led to the deployment of 20 Zyxel NWA90AX WiFi 6 access points.
Featuring advanced WiFi 6 technology, NWA90AX access points deliver faster speeds in congested or high-density environments, extended wireless range, and increased capacity for concurrent connections. The devices could enhance WiFi efficiency by facilitating simultaneous data transmission for multiple clients.Their Smart Mesh technology dynamically forms wireless links, simplifying complex cabling in WiFi deployments. The access point are managed through the Nebula cloud networking management solution. Nebula enables a quick and simplified installation that is also scalable for future expansion. Its centralized device management and real-time monitoring facilitate the easy management of the entire office network, enabling Workinton to optimize connections and promptly resolve network failures. This upgrade ensures faster, uninterrupted network connectivity for Workinton users. With Zyxel's NWA90AX access points and a robust infrastructure upgrade, Workinton meets the demands for seamless communication and intense usage requirements.


  • Expand the network capacity to support the increasing number of users and intense usage
  • Ensure the new network is fast and seamless without affecting users’ work productivity


  • Hassle-free network upgrade enhances network capacity and meets high WiFi demand
  • Faster and uninterrupted WiFi experiences for Workinton office users

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NWA90AX WiFi 6 Access Point

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