upgraded USG210 to ATP500 still issues..


Hello every one,

I had two USGs-210 in HA and i had a lot of issues with ram/cpu and reboots everyday.

I asked for help here and after lots of days my issue was end of life of USG and many users/vpns that made USG having CPU/RAM over 80% and reboot.

I recently changed them with two ATP500. We copied the configuration from
USG210 to one ATP500 not in ΗΑ for start. The issue started again from
day1. My users started loosing internet and the ATP500 kicked them out
from web authentication. After that the web authentication hungs.

ATP500 does not hung and reboot by itself like the USG210. I have ping, ssh but i cannot access it from its web gui.

CPU when happening is about 60% and RAM about 40%.

I have changed all my switches and all the hardware with new too.

When i removed the lan from the switch and checked it with a laptop, the Web
GUI came back and i took a diagnostic file.

Thank you in advance, any help will be appreciated.

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    Hi @Andrik ,

    Greeting forum, Please kindly share your diaginfo and how many web-auth user you used by private message.

    Thank you

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