[2023 November Tips & Tricks] USG FLEX H Series Onboarding Tips

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When registering a new USG FLEX H firewall, you'll be prompted to link it to the Nebula Control Center from the device's GUI. Learn how to set this up.

With the support of Nebula cloud management, you can either use the Nebula mobile App or the cloud-based web portal to quickly set up, monitor, and manage the Zyxel USG FLEX H Series from anywhere at any time.

  1. During the device registration process, click the Register button.

2. Sign in Zyxel Account or create a new account.

3. Create your Organization and Site.

If you already have Organizations and Sites, please select one.

4. Review your device and license information and click Next.

5. Click the Register button.

6. Click Next for the remaining set up osetup devices.