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Hello every body,

I just activate the ssl inspection on my zywall 310 (firmware version 4.73 AAAB.2). It looks it works fine but all the website are currently inspected, expect those from the exclude list.

I can see on this article, that on USG series there is an advanced button in the exclude list page where we can choose which website category do not have to be inspected. I cannot find this option on the zywall 310.

My question is : which is the best way to exclude website from ssl inspection by category on my zywall ? do i have to enter them one by one in the exclude list ?

Thank you and have a good day

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    Hi @rudazpartner ,

    Welcome to Zyxel community.😁

    The advanced button is in ATP and FLEX series. You may need to enter them one by one in USG series.

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