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Good morning,

I have a problem on one of my remote sites with the RDS of Windows Server 2016. The remote site (with FLEX200) is connected to Headquarters (with FLEX 700) with an IPsec VPN and the users work from RDS offices.

My other remote sites do not seem impacted even though they have identical hardware.

We encounter a lot of random RDS outages on our HP equipment (T520 terminal and Probook laptop PC).
We have 2 LENOVO landlines which do not seem to suffer any outages.

We tested with HP laptops via WIFI and Wired, the cuts are present.
We directly connected the HP terminals to the bay, identical result.

The various equipment in the patch bay was replaced and the outages persist.

I also changed the network card settings (DHCP, fixed IP, half-duplex, full duplex, etc...) and still the same problem.
I also updated the terminals to the latest versions and the problem persists.

I had the line checked several times by my service provider and for him everything is ok.

Do you have an idea ?


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    Anything different between LENOVO landlines or HP equipment? Both of them in same subnet?

    That's weird, or you have any update patch from windows or HP center ?

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