Tips to Ensure Stable Wireless Connection on High-Density Access Points environment

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Modern workplaces are teeming with a variety of wireless devices, all competing for bandwidth and connection stability on access points. Especially in high-density environments, ensuring a stable connection becomes a priority for IT professionals. A network with multiple access points and devices often faces interference issues and requires fine-tuning to maintain optimal performance.

Topology and Scenario:


1. Go to Site-wide > Configure > Access points > Radio settings.

2. Lower the 2.4GHz power to 15dBm.

This strategy encourages clients to connect on the more stable 5GHz band, especially in high-density AP deployments.

3. Disable "Avoid 5G DFS channel" and enable "Blacklist DFS channels in the presence of radar".

This helps distribute AP channels across different bands, reducing co-channel interference.

4. Adjust the WLAN Rate Control Settings: Set the 2.4GHz to 6Mbps and 5GHz to 12MHz.


1. Go to Site-wide > Clients and monitor if most clients connect to 5GHz rather than 2.4GHz.

2. Go to Site-wide > Devices > Access points and check if APs scatter into different channel after DCS.