Elevating Productivity with Zyxel’s Comprehensive Network Solution for India’s Chemical Company

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Renowned Chemical Company



The renowned chemical company in India has nine facilities located in close proximity. Faced with challenges in maintaining a cohesive and reliable network across their multiple facilities, they required a robust and dependable network infrastructure that could seamlessly connect their offices, enhance productivity, and provide uninterrupted connectivity. The company turned to Blossom Inc., a partner of Zyxel to meet the needs. To tackle the challenges, Blossom Inc. suggested using Zyxel’s comprehensive network solutions and employed a range of advanced products.

Seamless and Secure Connectivity Across Facilities 

With over 1200 nodes and phones to connect across multiple facilities, ensuring reliable connectivity was paramount. To accomplish this, nineteen units of XGS2210-28 switches were employed to handle data and voice traffic, ensuring seamless communication throughout the organization. Additionally, XS3800-28 switches utilized the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Furthermore, five XS1930-12HP switches were integrated to facilitate high-speed connections to the wireless network, guaranteeing uninterrupted access for users across the campus. Last, to maintain a secure environment while leveraging advanced CCTV technology, the GS1350-26HP switches were employed to provide ONVIF support for CCTV cameras, ensuring robust security and efficient surveillance capabilities.

When it comes to wireless connections, Zyxel’s WiFi 6 access points built a fast and stable WiFi network. WAX610D and WAX650S WiFi 6 indoor access points covered the factory facilities, while the NWA55AXE WiFi 6 outdoor access points extended connectivity to exterior areas. This comprehensive wireless solution ensured employees had reliable network access, both indoors and outdoors, thereby enhancing their productivity.

To enhance the security of the network, ATP 800 firewalls featuring Advanced Threat Protection and Intrusion Detection capabilities, were adopted to fortify the network against potential threats. The firewall supports High Availability mode to provide redundancy that could ensure network continuity.

Streamlined Network Management with Nebula Control Center 

To streamline network management, the chemical company implemented the Nebula Control Center, a centralized platform offering real-time monitoring, configuration, and maintenance capabilities. The Nebula Control Center empowered the company with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, enabling seamless monitoring and control across multiple network sites. This centralized approach significantly enhanced overall network efficiency while reducing management complexity. It not only simplified day-to-day maintenance but also ensured quick responses to emerging issues, reinforcing the network's reliability and performance.

After the new network is in place, the chemical company has fulfilled its network requirements for reliable connectivity and cybersecurity protection across multiple factory sites. Now, they can focus on daily operations without worrying about network issues. The easy-to-manage network provides them peace of mind, ensuring they are always aware of network problems and can address them promptly.


  • Maintain a cohesive and dependable network across multiple facilities
  • Ensure uninterrupted connectivity for over 1200 nodes and phones
  • Manage and monitor of the network from the centralized management system


  • Robust and reliable network infrastructure
  • Enhanced productivity through uninterrupted connectivity
  • Streamlined cloud network management and increased network efficiency

Products used

ATP800 Firewall

XGS4600-32 L3 Aggregation Switch

XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch

XGS2210-28HP L3 Access PoE Switch

XS1930-12HP Lite L3 Smart Managed PoE Switch

GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

GS1350-26HP Surveillance Switch

WAX650S WiFi 6 Access Point

WAX610D WiFi 6 Access Point

NWA55AXE WiFi 6 Outdoor Access Point

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