NAT Server Load Balancing and Nat Loopback



We are trying using NAT Server Load Balance on VPN 300 (last firmware) to access multiple servers running same service (cluster of servers)

Say the external domain name is and point to the Wan interface.

All is ok from Wan clients point of view, the NAT Load Balancing do its job well.

But doing this, clients in the LAN cant use anymore to access the service as they can using another server with a simple NAT (to only one server …) with Nat loopback enabled

Is there any possibility to have NAT loopback with NAT Server Load Balancing ?

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    Hi @Nalta,

    NAT loopback is not supported in NAT Server Load Balancing currently. We will move the request to Security Ideas. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Nalta
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    Thank you for your response

    Hope this feature will be available soon :)


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