[Mobile router] How to access the local GUI in IP passthrough mode?

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Typically, users opt for IP passthrough mode when operating outdoor mobile routers like the NR7101 and FWA710. This FAQ is designed to assist users of mobile routers who opt for IP passthrough mode. We'll guide you through various methods to access the local GUI of your mobile router while it's in Router mode.

Important Information:

  • When using a setup like FWA710 connected to a PC (FWA710 — PC), the PC will receive an IP address passed through by the FWA710.
  • Refer to our specific FAQ on usernames and passwords for login details.

Access Solutions

  • Method 1: Via the default LAN IP address

  • Method 2: Via Nebula’s Remote Configurator

Navigate to Nebula > Device > Mobile router > Live tool > Remote Configurator to get the link.

Use the provided link to access your router's GUI.

Note that: At the time of this writing, this feature is supported by the Nebula Pro Pack Organization.

  • Method 3: Via Cellular IP address

Use the subsequent IP address following your router's Cellular WAN IP. For example, if Cellular WAN IP =, use to access the GUI.

Note that: The Cellular IP address may change after resetting the device or due to IP address release time if your SIM card doesn't receive a public IP from the ISP.

This IP will be found at the local GUI’s home page > Cellular Info

or Nebula > Device > Mobile router > Live tool > WAN status

For instructions on accessing the Mobile Router's local GUI in Router mode, please refer to this article.

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