How to check if the transceiver DDMI is within the normal working range.

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To check if a transceiver's Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface (DDMI) is within the normal working range, follow these general steps:

  1. Access Transceiver Information:
    • SSH to switch and use the command-line interface (CLI) "show interfaces transceiver"
  2. Identify DDMI Parameters:
    • Look for DDMI-related parameters in the transceiver information. Common DDMI parameters include:
      • Optical Power (Tx and Rx)
      • Temperature
      • Voltage
      • Bias Current

In this case you can see that the current RX power(dbm) is too low (-40.00), the working threshold range is between -3 to -17.01.

Should check the fiber cable or the peer site of transceiver.