Sys LED is flashing in red

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Hi @all,
after power up my USG20 the Sys LED is flashing red.
I checked and searched in www but no answers.

Can somebody help me, why this happens?
I tryed to reset into factory setting already but this is not working so far.

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  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @Murat,


    We need console logs to identify if it is hardware or firmware issue.

    Is the SYS LED still red blinking even when the USG is finished booting up?

    Or the SYS LED is red blinking during the booting up process?


    Please connect the USG with console and enter the following commands when the device is booting up.

    If you're using TeraTerm, go to File > Log... > Option- select Append/Plain text/Timestamp.

    Then all console logs will be automatically saved in a file and send the file to us for analysis.

  • Schleppi451
    Mine started doing the same thing a few days ago after the power flashed a couple of times. The SYS flashes green on power up, After 10 flashes of green, it starts flashing red. I tried resetting the unit and it still continues to do the same thing. I would like to get this unit operational again but had to purchase a USG20W-VPN to get the internet back up. I have a config file that I downloaded a while back from the USG20W. Is there a way to convert it or force an upload to the new -VPN unit? 
  • Zyxel_Charlie
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    Regarding to the flashing issue, can you private message the console log which Zyxel_Emily mentioned for our analysis?
    Also, you can convert the configuration from USG20W to USG20W-VPN via this converter.

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    FYI, I had the same issue, SYS LED blinking red.
     I connected console cable, and displayed FAN error.
    Then I opened the cover and fix the fan manually.

    Therefore, try connect serial console cable speed 115200 and hopefully see the error.

  • Murat
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    it is not possible to login via console, because the device is not reachable.
    I order a new one, so far so good.
    But interesting is to know what the other guys can do, if this happen?

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