[FLEX/ATP]How to fix the issue when seeing App watch dog try to recover httpd log in the console?

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Somehow, I am unable to access the web GUI of my USG, and the device reboots periodically. Connected serial console to USG, it indicated that httpd is dead, and App watch dog is trying to recover it.

What could be the reason that httpd is dead and what should I do for now?

Console log


It is because the default certificate of the device corrupts, and the certificate cannot be loaded via http server. When the httpd cannot be recovered by application watchdog in 3 times, the firewall will reboot by itself.

In this case, we can regenerate device default certificate by using “Router> debug _ca regenerate”.

After the default certificate is generated, the httpd is recovered by App watch dogand Web GUI is back.

You also can use CLI “Router> debug system ps| match "httpd" to check the httpd status."