How to setup a WLAN and configure devices as repeaters to expand the wifi coverage across building

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We would like to set up a local Wireless LAN, and expand across our building the Wi-Fi coverage with devices acting as repeaters.

Please find below our requirements:

The building has 3 floors (ground, 1st and 2nd).

- On ground floor, we have installed one ZyXEL with the hostname "Slave 01" with a local static IP: DHCP was disabled. Bridge mode was chosen under ADSL and VDSL settings. The router "Slave 01" is hardwired to the "Main Router" located on 1st floor in a network rack.

- On 1st floor, we have installed a ZyXEL in a network rack and which is connected to a DSL line. "Main Router" is the hostname. DHCP is enabled. PPPoE credentials have been added under ADSL and VDSL sections. Under Home Networking, the beginning and ending IP addresses are: to

- On 2nd floor, we have installed another ZyXEL with the hostname "Slave 02" with a local static IP: DHCB disabled. Bridge mode was chosen under ADSL and VDSL settings. The router "Slave 02" is also hardwired to the "Main Router" located on 1st floor.

All the 3 devices will be broadcasting the same SSID "Building ABC" and the WI-FI password would be identical on the 3 devices with the same security mode (WPA2-PSK) applied on the 3 devices.

Due to the structure of the building (brick walls), we want to hardwire our "Slave 01" (ground floor) and "Slave 02" (3rd floor) devices to the "Main router" (1st floor)

If the users change the floors we want them to be connected to the nearest wireless routers which offer the best Wi-Fi reception.

All the 3 ZyXEL routers are the same model: VMG8924-B10A and are using the same version of firmware 1.00 (AAKL.10)C0_20151008.

Would you please be able to help us on how to configure the WLAN setting correctly as per our requirements and expand the wireless range across our building.

Thank you.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Under WDS section, all in my scenario, can you please advice which AP mode to choose between Access Point and Wireless Bridge for my ZyXEL routers, and also which option to choose for Bridge Restrict.

    We want to broadcast the same SSDI with the same password on all the 4 devices.

    The main ZyXEL router (acting as a modem with ADSL line to BT) is located on the first floor in a hub room. Which settings to apply here please under the WDS section?

    All the other 3 ones on ground, 1st, and 2nd floors in office areas. Which settings to apply here please under the WDS section?

    Thank you.



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    Hi Mik3ael

    If you would like to use WDS, it is better you can make sure the WIFI signal is stable across floors.
    According to your description in your 1st post, slave 01 and slave 02 are installed on ground and 2nd floor and the Main Router is on the 1st floor.
    Normally, the WIFI signal will much weaker if it needs to across floors and brick walls.
    Therefore, your first plan, which use hardwired to connect slave 01 and slave 02 to the Main Router, has better stability and full WIFI bandwidth (WDS might half the WIFI bandwidth).
    Your setting in your 1st post is mainly fine, just need to make sure you connect slave 01 and 02's Ethernet WAN port to Main Router's LAN port, and set slave 01 and 02 to use Ethernet WAN(not ADSL or VDSL) with bridge mode.
    The drawback is the WIFI client will have a few seconds disconnection while moving to different floor, as Alfonso's reply.
    Back to WDS, you can try to test first what the WIFI signal strength across floors, then decide if you would like to use WDS or not.

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    I agree on @Jameslacomments.

    Technically both scenarios are feasible.
    The final decision to configure WDS or not could be taken after some tests on your environment.