Transforming Indian K12 School with Intelligent Cloud Networking Solution

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Indian K12 School



School management needed to upgrade its wireless network along with better performance and data security. The school’s IT department proposed Zyxel to their management. After knowing about Zyxel and our products, they decided to put their trust in us. Zyxel’s firewall, WiFi access point, and smart managed PoE switches were chosen to create a new network to fulfill the school’s requirements. Zyxel's cybersecurity technology could block unnecessary websites that may harm computers. It enabled the school to effectively protect its data and resources from cyberattacks. Besides, the school required a top-notch wireless solution to ensure high speed and reliability. NWA110AX WiFi 6 access points, providing a maximum data rate of up to 1775 Mbps, were deployed in classrooms and auditoriums to ensure sufficient speeds and coverage in higher-density environments. Featuring the OFDMA technology, the access point delivered high performance and low latency. Lastly, GS1900-10HP switches were used to power up the access points and deliver gigabit speeds. Thanks to Nebula, the school can now monitor and manage these network devices with ease. The solution we provided has been working fine and has shown satisfactory results to the school’s management.


  • Require a remotely manageable network security solution
  • Provide enough capacity and power to support connections in multiple classrooms and auditoriums
  • Ensure the installation is cost-effective without sacrificing performance
  • Lack centralized management of network devices


  • Comprehensive network security ensures strong data protection
  • New infrastructure offers high-speed performance, facilitating next-generation learning
  • Affordable equipment that is scalable and futureproof for agile networks
  • Easy-to-use, centralized network management and monitoring via the cloud

Products used

NWA110AX WiFi 6 Access Point

USG FLEX 200 Firewall

GS1900-10HP Smart Managed PoE Switch

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