What switch models support jumbo frame?

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Zyxel offers various switch models that support jumbo frames. Jumbo frames allow for larger Ethernet frames than the standard 1500-byte frames, which can be useful in certain networking scenarios, such as data center environments or when transferring large files.

Jumbo frame is enabled by default, with support for frame sizes of up to 9K.

Jumbo frame supported models:

  • XS3800-28
  • XGS4600 Series
  • XGS2220 Series
  • XGS2210 Series
  • GS2220 Series
  • GS2210 Series
  • XGS1930 Series
  • XMG1930 Series
  • XS1930 Series
  • GS1920 Series
  • GS1915 Series
  • GS1900 Series
  • GS1350 Series
  • XGS1250 Series
  • XGS1210 Series
  • GS1200 Series
  • GS1100 Series
  • GS105 and GS108