Configuring multicast stream prioritization on GS1900 Switches

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This guide aims to demonstrate how to prioritize multicast streams using the Quality of Service (QoS) settings on the GS1900 Series switches.

Steps to Assign Higher Priority to Multicast Streams:

  1. Configure CoS Value:
    • Navigate to Configuration > QoS > General.
    • Select the specific port connected to the stream server.
    • Assign a Class of Service (CoS) value to set the desired priority level. It is advisable not to use the highest priority level (7), as this is typically reserved for system packets.
  2. Trust Mode Configuration:
    • Proceed to Configuration > QoS > Trust Mode > Port.
    • Set the port mode to "Trust" on the port that is connected to the stream server.

Following these steps will effectively prioritize your stream on the network, ensuring better performance and reliability for multicast transmissions on your GS1900 Series switch.