Configuring DHCP Option 82 on Zyxel Switch in Standalone mode

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Zyxel switches offer two distinct methods for users to configure DHCP Option 82.

1. Using DHCP Relay:

  • Navigate to Networking > DHCP > DHCPv4 Relay > DHCP Relay VLAN setting.
  • You can create DHCP Option 82 settings either for an entire VLAN or for specific ports. This method allows the switch to forward DHCP requests with the added Option 82 information to the DHCP server.

2. Using DHCP Snooping:

  • Go to Security > IPv4 Source Guard > DHCP snooping.
  • In this section, you will find options for "DHCP Snp. VLAN Setup" and "DHCP Snp. VLAN Port Setup".
  • DHCP snooping method involves monitoring DHCP traffic and using Option 82 to provide additional information about the requesting client's location (such as VLAN ID and port number) to the DHCP server.

How does each method function?

  • DHCP Relay with Option 82:

This method is typically used in scenarios where the DHCP server is on a different network segment than the clients. The switch adds Option 82 information as it relays DHCP requests from clients to the server.

  • DHCP Snooping with Option 82:

In contrast, DHCP snooping is used for security purposes within the same network segment. It ensures that DHCP responses are only received from trusted DHCP servers and adds Option 82 for enhanced network information.