How to set up SBG3300 as an AP?

Hello I would like know what is the procedure of setting my zyxel SBg3300-NB00 as an access point

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    Do you want that the SBG3300 broadcasts its own SSID, or do you want to connect the SBG3300 under another device and the SBG3300 broadcasts another device's SSID?

    (1) Internet —-SBG3300 )))) WiFi ((((( Mobile Phone

    (2) Internet —- Device )))((( SBG3300 ))) WiFi ((( Mobile Phone

    If it's the former (1), the SBG3300 is running this mode, you just need to make sure that the SSID(s) are enabled on the SBG3300.

    As far as I know, the SBG3300 does not support the latter (2).



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