[Release Note] Nebula Mobile Router FWA510 - V1.17(P1)C0 Release Note


Nebula Mobile Router Firmware Release Note V1.17 P1

Date: December 8, 2023


This document provides firmware release information on Zyxel FWA510, new features and enhancements, bug fix, known issues and workarounds information for Release V1.17 Patch 1 C0.

Supported Platforms

Nebula FWA510 V1.17(ACGD.1)C0

New Features and Enhancements


Bug fix

  1. [SPR #231018189] When the Mobile Router is in standalone mode, continuously spinning circles appear on the GUI's System Info Page.
  2. [SPR #231106031] After resetting to default settings on the FWA510, the 5G Wi-Fi functionality does not work.
  3. [SPR #231204018] The Local GUI Dashboard's Ethernet WAN field displays as blank after the upgrade from old firmware versions.
  4. [eITS #231100707] Modifications are not retained in Remote Management settings.

Known Issue


Limitation of Settings

If the device has already experienced the issue of continuously spinning circles on the GUI's System Info Page before upgrading to version 1.17 Patch 1; After upgrading to version 1.17 Patch 1 firmware, requires either reset the FWA510 or altering configuration settings in the GUI to address the infinite looping circle problem. (*Important: Make sure to perform the GUI configuration modification before rebooting the device post-upgrade).

Default Setting

Account for GUI:




Refer to device back label

Default URL: is for the device GUI loginhttp://

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