How can I tagged/untagged for port setting in Nebula?

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In Nebula, tagging or untagging VLANs on port settings involves configuring the VLAN membership of specific switch ports. Here's a general guide on how you can tag or untag VLANs for port settings in Nebula:

  1. Go to Switch > Configure > VLAN:
    • Navigate to the "Switch" section, then click on "Configure," and select "VLAN."
  2. Select the Port:
    • Choose the port for which you want to configure VLAN tagging.

If you set port type as Trunk and Allowed VLANS are 50, 100, which means this port has fixed on VLAN 50 and 100 and it will automatically tagged out with these 2 VLAN.

If the port type is access then switch will untagged out.