How to configure Switch of Cloud Stacking on Nebula?

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We currently support XS3800 for cloud stacking only.

Here's a gentle reminder: When building a Cloud Switch Stacking system, it's important for someone to be present to reconnect the cables. Please follow the instructions of the wizard to set up the Stacking system and then reconnect the cables to ensure they are fully set up. Afterward, you can enjoy the convenience of Nebula Cloud management.

Nebula Cloud Switch Stacking

Combing the advantages of Cloud networking, configuring and managing your switch units into a switch stack in Nebula offers the following unique strengths:

  1. The wizard is a useful tool that guides you through the setup for Cloud Switch Stacking. Whether you are creating a new stack or modifying slots of an existing switch stack, the wizard provides step-by-step guidance to help you complete the configuration easily.
    • The wizard can be accessed through the menu by navigating to Configure > Switches > Stacking management > Create new stack

The wizard will guide you through step-by-step procedures to create a new stack, as follows. With the help of the wizard, users can easily convert the Cloud-managed switch units into a switch stack. Nebula allows a maximum of 10 stacks in a site.

The wizard includes the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Check the requirements before you set up.

Step 2: Select the Stacking port cable type and the switches for Stacking.

Step 3: Follow the steps to connect the Stacking ports.

Step 4: Check the slot status and execute provision to activate the Stacking system.

Modifying Slots of a Switch Stack

To modify the slots, go to Configure > Switches > Stacking management > Select the Stack you want to modify, and the stack units in the stack will be listed on the Slot management page.

Click on the Swap/Add button, the wizard will prompt you to follow the first step in the procedure. On this page, you can add or replace a slot. Then, follow the remaining steps to complete the process when making the slot modifications.

2. The centralized platform makes the monitoring and troubleshooting easy

Cloud Stacking combines the management of your switch hardware under a single pane of glass. Network administrators can access the main switch stack through Nebula to monitor and configure all switch units in that same Switch Stacking effortlessly.

The Cloud Stacking GUI on Nebula remains relatively the same except for identifying specific switch ports. All port-related settings have been labelled with their respective slot number – “[Slot #] / [Port #]”, as shown below.

Apart from the aforementioned Switch Stacking and Slot Management pages, Nebula offers the following useful tools that network administrators can utilize when managing and troubleshooting the switch stacks.

  • Switch list
  • Combing the Non-Stacking and Stacking switches together, you can see the status and information of all the switches within the site at a glance, making it easy to monitor and troubleshoot.

Stack detail page

The stack detail page displays the in-depth information about the switch stack and shows the port status of each slot in the switch stack.

Switch ports page

The switch ports page displays all the switch ports on the list, including Stacking and Non-Stacking switches. As shown below, the same configurations can be pushed to the selected switch ports in a one-time setting altogether.

Clients page

On the Switch clients page, you can track all the clients connecting to the Stacking and Non-Stacking switches in a single view.


The stack is also shown in the topology graph, making it easy for you to check the network connection status, as well as rebooting if needed.