Enhancing Connectivity and Gaming Experiences at Thailand's Esports Center with Zyxel ...

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Enhancing Connectivity and Gaming Experiences at Thailand's Esports Center with Zyxel Multi-Gigabit Switch


“Zyxel's switches have played a crucial role in upgrading our network to a multi-gigabit environment. They seamlessly integrate with both our older and newer devices, marking a significant improvement over traditional switches that only support 1Gbps connectivity. With high-speed 10Gbps connectivity, we can now host esports events without worrying about slow connectivity speeds.”

Prasopchoke Chantaramongkol
Founder and Managing Director


WASD Café is renowned as one of Thailand's leading esports centers, hosting a wide range of events. In order to ensure a seamless gaming experience, high-speed and uninterrupted connectivity is imperative. Its top priority is to establish a robust network infrastructure capable of supporting multiple high-speed connection ports, catering to diverse hardware requirements. After extensive product evaluations from various vendors, Zyxel's XGS1250-12 Web-Managed Multi-Gigabit Switch was chosen. This cost-effective and powerful multi-gigabit switch efficiently manages multiple operations for numerous users without requiring significant investments.
The switch offers a variety of high-speed connection ports, including 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps, and even 10Gbps, with up to four 10Gbps ports available. This multi-gigabit support enables easy connectivity with various devices and facilitates network upgrades for higher speeds in a cost-effective manner, utilizing the existing Cat 5e cable infrastructure without the hassle of re-cabling. An additional advantage of this device is its intelligent management feature, which quickly identifies network loops and failures, streamlining the troubleshooting process. For instance, when WASD Café initially installed Zyxel's switch, a LAN cable was connected to it but not properly inserted into the LAN head, causing the cable end to contact the conductive material. Thankfully, the switch immediately detected it and sent the notification.


  • Require a cost-effective solution for handling multiple high-speed connections
  • Streamline and simplify network deployment and troubleshooting processes


  • Robust connectivity for multiple users, with each port delivering sufficient speed for network upgrades exceeding 1 Gigabit
  • Easily and cost-effectively transition from existing Cat 5e cable infrastructure to a multi-gigabit network environment without significant investments
  • User-friendly web-based interface for stress-free and quick configuration and troubleshooting

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XGS1250-12 Web-Managed Multi-Gigabit Switch

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