I have 2 SSIDs Im broadcasting on 2 vlans 20 and 60. The switch is a HP2930F running 16.11.0014. The APs are NWA90AX.
If I plug a laptop into the same port the AP plugs into I get the proper DHCP and access to the internet. I can connect on vlan 60 wifi with internet but loop " connection lost" on 20. Event logs say "error 8".
I show about -39 dB.

Any suggestions?

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    Hi @tomobrainm ,

    Could you provide more details about:

    • The loop "connection lost" issue occurring on SSID with VLAN 20? Are you indicating that clients can initially connect successfully to the SSID with VLAN 20, but are experiencing frequent and intermittent disconnections?
    • Does this issue occur with all clients, or is it specific to certain clients only?

    Please enable Zyxel support by navigating to 'Help' ((identified by a question mark icon at the top right corner of Nebula portal) > 'Support Request' > 'Zyxel Support Access', then click 'Enable' and 'Save'.

    Additionally, please provide us with the name of your Nebula organization/site here or via the private message by clinking to my account > Message.