Can't access my switch

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Hi all,
I have a 16 port managed switch (GS1510-16) and I cannot access it anymore, even when using te reset button.
Normally I have to open a web screen and type but connection fails. I get time outs all the time.
What am I doing wrong, because I want to use the switch with a brand new Voip telephone. And I have to configure the ports for POEe.
Anyone who can help me out here?


  • Alfonso
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    HI @GMTech

    Welcome to the forum.

    Maybe someone changed the ip address of the switch.

    If the default ip address ( was changed, use the Zyxel device discovery utility to easily locate the switch on your network. The utility can be found on the CD that came with the switch.

    I hope you will be able to access your device.


  • Hi Alfonso,

    thanks for the fast reply, but the only cd that came with the switch is a users guide with acrobat on the cd. Is there a possibility to download this utility?
    Thanks again.
  • ok, I tried the recovery utility, but it cannot find my switch.
    Very odd isn't it?
  • Alfonso
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    Hi @GMTech

    Did you try to use the recover utility while you are directly connected to the switch?
  • Hi @Alfonso
    with another machine, he find the the switch but the page won'l load.
    Does the switch have a backup battery? Maybe it blocks because the battery is low?
  • Alfonso
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    Hi @GMTech

    So, the utility found the switch, But the web page does not load.

    Mmmmmm, try to connect to the switch using a laptop directly connected to the switch, and be sure that the laptop and the switch are in the same subnet address range.

    If it fails ... I do not know what you can do :( , except open a ticket to zyxel.