How to choose sutiable Layer3 routing license for a switch and what are each license's key features?

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Choosing the right L3 routing license for your Zyxel switch depends on your network's specific requirements. There are three main types of licenses:

  1. Basic Routing License:
    Ideal for large networks that require more than static routing. This license includes support for RIP v1/v2, OSPF, and DVMRP, enhancing routing capabilities.
    Suitable model: XS3800 Series
  2. Advanced Routing License:
    Suitable for networks needing advanced IPv6 routing protocols. It supports RIPng and OSPFv3.
    Suitable model: XGS4600 Series.
  3. Access L3 License:
    Offers a broad range of features including Multilevel CLI, expanded network capacity with various VLAN and ACL features, and enhanced security measures.
    Suitable model: XMG1930 and XS1930 Series
    The more information you can refer below information:
    (New for firmware V4.80)
    • Multilevel CLI
    • CLI (Cisco-like)
    • Expanding Network Capacity
    ■ IEEE 802.1Q Static VLAN
    ■ IPv4 Address table
    ■ MAC table
    ■ IPv4/IPv6 Static route
    ■ ACL
    • Networked AV Mode
    • Protocol-Based VLAN
    • IP subnet-based VLAN
    • MAC-based VLAN
    • VLAN isolation
    • IEEE 802.1AD VLAN stacking (QinQ)
    • VLAN mapping
    • MRSTP (Zyxel Proprietary)
    • BPDU transparency
    • Flex link
    • IEEE 802.3ah OAM (Link Discovery, Loopback)
    • BPDU Guard
    • Root Guard
    • IP source guard (IPv4/IPv6)
    • DHCPv6 Snooping
    • IPv6 DHCP trust
    • ARP Inspection
    • ARP Freeze
    • Anti-ARP Scan
    • MAC Freeze
    • DHCP Server Guard
    • MVR support
    • IGMP Snooping Immediate Leave
    • MLD Snooping (MLD v1)
    • sFlow
    • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
    • Diffserv (DSCP)
    • Auto PD recovery
    • ZUID
    • MAC-based authentication per VLAN
    • Compound Authentication
    • DHCP Client Option60
    • Multiple TACACs+ server
    • Login authentication by TACACS+
    • TACACS+ Accounting
    • Authorization on TACACS+