Revitalizing Taipei's Traditional Market with Comprehensive Network Renovation

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Taipei Traditional Market



After an extensive renovation, the renowned traditional market in Taipei now boasts a modern multi-story structure. The integration of digital payment and intelligent management systems is a notable upgrade. However, the rise in foot traffic and expanded indoor space poses challenges for deploying wireless networks, including increased demands on network capacity and addressing signal interference across different floors and devices. Traditional omnidirectional antennas may struggle to meet the network reception and coverage requirements. Recognizing that a high-speed and reliable network is essential to enhance user experience, the market has established a secure and seamless network environment with Zyxel's solution. Zyxel’s WiFi 6 APs, featuring MU-MIMO, 4G/5G filters, and innovative antenna technologies, ensure fast and stable wireless connectivity. Safeguarded by Zyxel’s advanced security firewall, users can alleviate concerns regarding data security. Zyxel's network switches, equipped with Power over Ethernet and Multi-Gigabit Ethernet technologies, streamline management and improve overall convenience.They can help save installation time and costs by eliminating the need for additional wiring. Furthermore, the committed Zyxel team and system integrator offer thorough post-sales assistance, ensuring timely resolution of issues and reliable service.


  • Handle growing network demands from user activity across a broad market area
  • Address signal interference across different floors and devices to ensure a seamless and reliable wireless experience


  • Fast and stable wireless connectivity meets the demands of a dynamic and bustling market
  • Robust cybersecurity protection ensures a safe and hassle-free shopping experience
  • Streamlined and efficient network management without time-consuming additional wiring

Products used

USG FLEX 700 Firewall

WAX610D WiFi 6 Access Point

WAX650S WiFi 6 Access Point

GS1920-24HPv2 Smart Managed PoE Switch

XS3800-28 L3 Aggregation Switch

XGS2210-28/28HP L3 Access Switch

XGS2220-30/30F L3 Access Switch

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