Issues With Firmware V1.10(ABZH.1)

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I am noticing two issues in firmware V1.10(ABZH.1) that I have had my firewall not work correctly.

  1. For example, adding an Object - Address we got an "undefined error" and the GUI is not refreshing showing the new Address. I am also not able to remove an address. The "Remove" selection is greyed out. I was on the phone with support and the firewall needed to be rebooted and the firewall worked with no issues, but since i installed it I have to reboot it twice.
  2. I had to do a complete reboot, because my firewall's Default Gateway was down and not reachable. The web GUI was not working either. This happened last week sometime. Another reboot of the firewall fixed this.

These are a couple bugs I would like to report.

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